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Les questions des tout-petits sur les méchants

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All children are afraid of « baddies ». From very real people who annoy them in the schoolyard, or those grown-ups and the media talk about, to the imaginary ones that hide under their beds or creep around the house with bared teeth.
They… Read more  ask questions that reveal their incomprehension and anguish: « Who are these bad people? » « Where does their wickedness come from? » « How can you face up to them? » Very like the questions of philosophers, and all humanity… yet adults don’t know how to reply.
Tales from different traditions, nourished on wisdom, have answered these questions with lively and picturesque imagination.
Here, 6 illustrated tales open up paths of reflection, encourage dialogue between children and adults and who knows? Perhaps they help us to live together.
– Why are some people bad?
– Are there people who are truly wicked?
– Why are there wars?
– How can we defend ourselves against bad people?
– Are bad people always punished?
– Can a person stop being bad and become good?

4 and up

Collection: Les questions des petits

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Les questions des petits

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