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Les questions des petits sur les religions

Bayard Jeunesse
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Lots of children, at a very young age, meet other children who practice a different religion, or perhaps they practice a religion while others have no religion.
In their own words, during conversations, youngsters ask their parents questions.… Read more  Sometimes adults find it difficult to answer their questions.
Here are the questions treated in this book:
– Why do religions exist?
– What if you don’t have a religion?
– Why are there several different religions?
– Are they all alike?
– Do people of different religions get on well together?
– Which one is the best?
Through six stories, the authors answer six basic questions in simple terms. Each of the six chapters begins with a short comic story that puts the question in its everyday context and introduces the tale that follows. At the end of the tale, we find a comic style page to conclude the reflection and help children think their reaction to the story.

6 and up

Collection: Les questions des petits

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Themes: religion

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Les questions des petits

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