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Les questions des petits sur l’amour

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Sooner or later, and sometimes very soon, children start asking questions about love and feelings, and their questions often put parents in a difficult position. By reading this book together, parents will be able to approach gently the following… Read more  questions:
• Why do my parents love me even though I am not always nice?
• Why can’t I marry Dad?
• Sometimes I love my brother, sometimes I hate him. Why is that so?
• Why do we sometimes say that nobody loves us?
• Why is there people we don’t like?
• Why do we fall in love?
Every chapter is opened by a question. A brief comic contextualises the question with a daily life situation and introduces the following question. At the end of the story, another comic closes the reflection and allows the child to discuss what he thought about the story.

4 and up

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Les questions des petits

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