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Les questions des petits sur Dieu

Bayard Jeunesse
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Sooner or later, children ask questions about God: the origin of God, God’s action, and aspect… Their questions are difficult for adults to answer.
Read together, this book helps parents and children to discuss, with warmth and reflection,… Read more  the following questions:
– Does God exist?
– Where is God?
– Can we see God?
– What does God do?
– Why doesn’t God stop evil?
– Why don’t people all have the same God?
Each of six chapters opens with a child’s question. A short comic strip places the question in a daily context and introduces the tale that follows. At the end of the tale, another comic strip closes the presentation and encourages the child to think and talk about what they thought of the story.

Author : Marie AUBINAIS

Illustrator : Anouk Ricard

Translated by : Anne BIDEAULT

4 and up

Collection: Les questions des petits

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Themes: children's questionsGod

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Format 180 x 180 mm
Number of pages 144

Les questions des petits

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