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It’s a well-known fact; children (especially little girls) love ponies… What could be more normal? They make adorable fluffy friends! Thanks to the « Wakou, ma p’tite encyclo » series, pony lovers can find the answers to all their… Read more  questions on the subject: Are ponies baby horses? What do they do all day long in a meadow? What are they saying when they whinny? How can we look after them properly… etc.
All the answers are given in different features: « Seek and find » (a big illustrated scene where the child must spot certain elements), « Picture story » (a story told in photos), « Open your eyes » (a big picture cut out with captions), « It’s your turn! » (the child is the player), « My picture book » (a page of identification), « A story » (a well-deserved reading break!), etc. In a nutshell – a super programme!

4 and up

Collection: Wakou ma p'tite encyclo nature

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Themes: animalsponies

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N°EAN 9782745962881
Number of pages 64

Wakou ma p'tite encyclo nature

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