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Les petites et grandes questions de Zigzag

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Every month in Pomme d’Api, the n° 1 magazine for kiddies at nursery school, children ask Zigzag – a smart little guy, full of mischief – questions:
How do we breathe ? How does a cow make milk? Why do children’s teeth fall out when… Read more  they grow bigger?
Where does the water in the toilet go? How many colours exist? How do caterpillars become butterflies? Why are animals afraid of us? How does a tree feed itself?
And every month, Zigzag answers the questions; simple, satisfactory answers illustrated stage by stage with funny drawings whose priority is clarity.
Régis Faller’s brightly coloured illustrations make this book very attractive and the original approach motivates children while constructing their knowledge.

Author : Sylvie LADOUCE

Illustrator : Régis FALLER

3 and up

Collection: Mes docs Pomme d'Api

Publication date:

Themes: asking questionsnaturescienceworld

Retail price: 15,90 €

N°EAN 9782747062060
Format 225 x 220 mm
Number of pages 128

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