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Les petites bêtes

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Hush! Don’t make a sound… Open your ears and your eyes, and observe: under your feet in the grass, in the air and even in your home, swarm thousands of little bugs. What do they eat? How do they communicate? Are they as nasty as they seem?… Read more  « Wakou, ma p’tite encyclo nature » will show you their life and their behaviour in pictures. On the agenda: picture books, seek and find games, picture stories, photo albums, activities and even a story! You can be certain those little bugs will never bug you again!

Author : Pascale Hédelin

Illustrateurs : Dan KerlerouxAnne Eydoux

4 and up

Collection: Wakou ma p'tite encyclo nature

Publication date:

Themes: animalscountrysidelittle animalsnature

Retail price: 11,90 €

N°EAN 9782745962997
Number of pages 64

Wakou ma p'tite encyclo nature

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