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Les dinosaures

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When did dinosaurs first appear on the Earth? Were they all ferocious? Did the mother maiasaura look after her children well? Did dinosaurs have scales or feathers? How do palaeontologists reconstruct whole skeletons?
This title from the… Read more  « Ma p’tite encyclo » series will let young children discover the history of dinosaurs, from the most primitive to the most famous species of the cretaceous period.
The contents ,and visuals (photos, realistic or fictional illustrations) are spread over several features to cover the theme in all its diversity: « Seek and find » (a big illustrated scene where the child must spot certain elements), « Picture story » (a story told in photos), « Open your eyes » (a big picture cut out with captions), « It’s your turn! » (the child is the player), « My picture book » (a page of identification), « A story » (a well-deserved reading break!), etc. In a nutshell – a super programme!

4 and up

Collection: Wakou ma p'tite encyclo nature

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Themes: dinosaurs

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N°EAN 9782745962959
Format 200 x 250 mm
Number of pages 64

Wakou ma p'tite encyclo nature

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