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Le livre animé des volcans

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A fascinating discovery of volcanoes, from different angles:
Where are volcanoes located on Earth?
How are volcanoes formed?
What is an explosive eruption?
How are volcanoes monitored?
15 interactive features with a… Read more  beautiful pop-up! Separate the plates to let the magma pass, observe the inside of a volcano, fly a drone…
Learning points:
• Stimulating curiosity through interactive features
• Learning vocabulary in a specific area
• Exploring a favorite topic in depth

Author : Sandra Laboucarie

Illustrator : Pierre Caillou

4 and up

Collection: Anim'Passion

Publication date:

Themes: volcano

Retail price: 12,50 €

N°EAN 9791027607433
Format 185 x 270 mm
Number of pages 12


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