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Le grand livre animé de la Terre et du ciel

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In the same series as Le grand livre animé du corps humain and written by the same author, this is a new edition of our big pop-up book for young children about the Earth and other planets and the movement of the Moon and stars in the sky.
A… Read more  big non-fiction book with pop-ups invites young readers to discover the Earth and the other planets, and explains the movement of the moon and stars in the sky.
Pull a string to give the Earth its volume, open a window to see a rainbow appear in the grey sky, lift flaps to see the Ariane rocket take off… each system in this book is designed to explain factual information in the simplest, most concrete terms possible.

4 and up

Collection: Le grand livre animé

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Themes: planetsspace

Retail price: 22,50 €

N°EAN 9782745959164
Number of pages 38
Binding spiral binding