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Le cirque

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This title is presented in 4 generous parts.
The first describes daily life in the circus and the artists: the tour, the Big Top, the different professions…
The second takes us backstage at the circus: the artists get ready for their… Read more  act, training and caring for animals…
The third follows a performance with one act after the other: magicians, jugglers, acrobats, clowns…
The last section recalls the history of the circus and presents circuses all over the world: the Russian circus, the Chinese circus…
At the end of the book, ‘memory’ pages let children discover the different types of clown, the great names of the circus and the expressions linked to their universe: a precious support for teachers.

On each double page, a strip feature highlights a theme raised by the subject on the page and encourages the child’s reflection. After naming and observing, it’s time to question and understand, in this way, children learn step by step.

At the end of each 4 sections, there’s a double page of self-assessment which adds value to the lessons learned and the child’s analysis.

3 and up

Collection: Mes années pourquoi - Imagerie

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Mes années pourquoi - Imagerie

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