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La savane et ses animaux

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Couverture de « La savane et ses animaux »


The title is divided into 4 parts.
Part 1 is the discovery of the savanna: its geography, its climate, its vegetation…
Part 2 explains how the many species that live there cohabitate: competition for food between carnivores, herbivores… Read more  and carrion-eaters, the lives of baby animals, how large and small animals can help each other, who leads the herd.
Part 3 focuses on emblematic animals: the lion, the elephant, the cheetah, the rhinoceros, the giraffe…
Part 4 introduces the relationship between man and the animals: the safari-photo, protection, poaching…
On each double page, a strip develops a theme inspired by the subject on the page, encouraging young readers to think. A child’s question is answered with humour and dynamism. A bonus for learning!
At the end of each section, there’s a double page of self-assessment which adds value to the lessons learned and the child’s analysis.

3 and up

Collection: Mes années pourquoi - Imagerie

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Themes: AfricaanimalsnatureSavanna

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Mes années pourquoi - Imagerie

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