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La pâtisserie

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To please family and friends, everyone wants to learn how to make delicious desserts. Pastry cooking is in vogue! The competitions on TV prove the point. Children are no exception to the rule, they love to be in the kitchen with their parents to… Read more  make tasty cakes, or to go with them to the supermarket to choose biscuits and snacks.
« P’tits Docs » had to create a title devoted to the long history of sweets (they made pancakes, gingerbread and fritters in the Middle Ages) on all the continents (people everywhere love desserts!). And why not create vocations? Baker, pastry cook, the food industry… these professions never go out of date, nor their tempting vocabulary: shortcrust pastry, puff pastry, coated, kneaded… Mmm, delicious!

Author : Stéphanie Ledu

Illustrator : Magali Clavelet

3 and up

Collection: MES P'TITS DOCS

Publication date:

Themes: cakescookingpastry cooksweet treats

Retail price: 7,40 €

N°EAN 9782745974976
Number of pages 32


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