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La mort

Couverture de « La mort »


Alice’s grandpa has just died and Alice can’t stop asking questions: Is he suffering? Is he hungry? Thirsty? Cold? Is he bored? Her father comforts her: « Grandpa’s body doesn’t feel anything any more, not pain, not hugs. He’s dead,… Read more  that’s it. » By expressing what has happened in simple words, the text responds to the concerns all children feel: sadness, mourning, the fear of dying, the fear of one’s parents dying… Without dramatizing in words or in pictures, this book plays an essential role in answering children’s questions.

Author : Stéphanie Duval

Illustrator : Pierre Van Hove

3 and up

Collection: Mes p'tits pourquoi

Publication date:

Themes: deathfamilygrandfathermourning

Retail price: 7,40 €

N°EAN 9782745992543
Format 197 x 197 mm
Number of pages 32

Mes p'tits pourquoi

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