Un amour de pharaon

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Pharaoh Thebomonfils is looking for someone to love! His future queen must be as royal, majestic, divine, and beautiful as he is. Disappointed in the candidates so far, Pharaoh decides to visit his Roman friend, Peromenus. While travelling, he meets… Read more  Mina Losa, a great beauty.
If Thebomonfils falls in love at first sight, we can’t say the same of the young woman, who finds this pretender really ugly with a ridiculously big nose. To get rid of him and make fun of him, the beauty gives him almost impossible tasks to achieve: deliver canoes full of flowers, dress better, develop some muscles…
When the Pharaoh discovers her ploys, he’s furious. He decides to declare war on Rome. Mina Losa, who’s the cause of all this, travels twelve days to see the Pharaoh and apologize. When she arrives in front of Thebomonfils, he hardly recognizes this dirty, smelly woman. After declaring that he no longer loves her, and recognizing the fact that love affects the sight and judgement, Pharaoh decides to go back home.
History has forgotten Mina Losa, but everyone remembers the queen Thebomonfils finally chose: a certain Cleopatra!

Author : Didier Dufresne

Illustrator : Frédéric Pillot

7 and up

Collection: Milan cadet

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Themes: Ancient Greecehumourlove

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N°EAN 9782745992512
Format 125 x 180 mm
Number of pages 40

Milan cadet

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