Les dragons de Nalsara, N° 08 : Sortilèges sur Nalsara

Couverture de « Sortilèges sur Nalsara »


Still threatened by the strige, Cham is under the magicians’ protection at Nalsara. Secure in the tower of the palace, Cham gets very bored indeed. He can’t even go out to see Nour at the Royal Dragon stables! To entertain him, Isendrine and… Read more  Melisande, the magicians, give him his first lesson in magic! He shows great promise…

Author : Marie-Hélène Delval

Illustrator : Alban Marilleau

Translated by : Marie-Hélène Delval

8 and up

Serie: Les dragons de Nalsara

Publication date:

Themes: magicmysteries

Retail price: 5,30 €

N°EAN 9782747030212
Number of pages 96

Les dragons de Nalsara

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