Les roses de Trianon : Roslys, justicière de l’ombre

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Roselys arrives at the Trianon court!
At sixteen, Roselys d’Angemont, who grew up in a castle in the provinces with a captain father and a mother who adored Rousseau, loves to climb trees and handles a sword wonderfully. Alas! Her parents… Read more  decide it’s time she led a young lady’s life. No more men’s clothes, fencing lessons and escapades. Roselys reluctantly leaves for Paris where she will go to an aunt’s house. There, she meets her cousin Rose-Aimée, gracious and shy, and by good luck they get on well right away. Soon, they will be presented together at the Trianon. Marie-Antoinette, who has developed a passion for the theatre, is looking for a trusted companion to help her learn her lines. The rehearsals begin… Rose-Aimée stutters, blushes, gets lost in the script, and can’t play opposite the queen. Roselys replaces her spontaneously, to the queen’s satisfaction. The following days, Roselys takes advantage of being at the Trianon to ask about a young noble, Etienne de Valsens, with whom she has already fought a duel and who is promised to her cousin. One night, disguised as a man in order to spy on him, Roselys runs into a group of about 30 people. They form a secret society: ‘The Children of Thémis’ who intend to punish corrupt officials, like Fermier Général Féron. Fascinated, Roselys would love to join them…

Author : Annie JAY

10 and up

Serie: Les roses de Trianon

Publication date:

Themes: adventureinvestigationqueenstheatre

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N°EAN 9782747047449
Number of pages 310

Les roses de Trianon

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