Les roses de Trianon, TOME 02 : Roselys au service de la reine

Couverture de « Roselys au service de la reine »


The summer of 1780. Marie-Antoinette is working on her second performance and Roselys, who is always by her side, helps her memorize her lines. One day, Mlle Bertin, the seamstress, comes to present the new autumn dresses to the queen. She and her… Read more  girls have hardly left when Marie-Antoinette panics: a document has disappeared! It’s a letter from her very dear friend, Axel de Fersen, who has gone to fight in the Americas. The queen weeps in despair, they will try to ruin her reputation, she’s sure of that! Don’t they already say she’s having an affair with Fersen, and even the Comte d’Artois? Roselys immediately offers Marie-Antoinette her assistance: she promises to find the culprit but with the greatest discretion, and to recover the letter…

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Serie: Les roses de Trianon

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Themes: adventurefashioninvestigationqueens

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Les roses de Trianon

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