Perceval, N°

Couverture de « Perceval »


At the age of sixteen, Perceval knows little of life; he was brought up by his mother far from the world. The first time he sees knights in shining armour in the forest, he thinks they’re angels. From then on, there’s just one idea in his head… Read more  – to become a knight like them! He leaves for the Castle of Camelot, to meet King Arthur. But to accomplish his dream, Perceval must face various ordeals and go in search of the Grail, a sacred vase with extraordinary powers…

Author : Claude MERLE

10 and up

Collection: Héros de légende

Publication date:

Themes: adventurehistoryknighthoodquest

Retail price: 6,50 €

N°EAN 9782747047715
Number of pages 176

Héros de légende

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