Nartouk, le garçon qui devint fort, N°

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Nartouk, a young Inuit, lives with his grandmother in a poor village run by a cruel chief called Porto. One day when they are hunting the white bear, Nartouk and Porto have a disagreement. The chief threatens to kill the boy, and he is obliged to… Read more  leave the village. He’s so small, thin and timid, what will he do? By luck, he meets an Inugpait, a giant from the cold, who feeds him and looks after him. For several years, the giant’s people teach him how to carry heavy weights to make him stronger, hunt hares to gain speed and vitality, harpoon fishing to become a great hunter… One day, Nartouk leaves the giants: he has to learn to steer a kayak alone. On his way, he meets an old couple who are starving, they too have been chased out of the village by Porto. Nartouk looks after the couple who, in exchange, teach him the secrets of steering a kayak. Nartouk has become a man. He can go back to the village, find his grandmother and – thanks to all he has learned – stand up to Porto. Victorious, the boy does not kill the tyrant; he decides to condemn him as he condemned others: Porto is banished from the village, condemned to wander on the ice floe and reflect on his past actions.

Author : Jorn RIEL

Illustrator : ANTOINE RONZON

7 and up

Collection: J'aime lire

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Themes: couragegrowing up

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N°EAN 9782747045469
Format 123 x 178 mm

J'aime lire

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