Les enquêtes de Scarlett et Watson, TOME 08 : Mystère et crustacés

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Summer, friends, holidays and… a gorgeous new pair of flip-flops with sequins! Watson is sulking (this cat hates the beach and changes of routine in general), but Scarlett is delighted. Then suddenly, disaster! A holiday horror! The brand new… Read more  flip-flops have disappeared. Into thin air. Rather they’ve been stolen. Who would do that? How? Why? So say goodbye to bathing and lounging in the sand, Scarlett’s back on duty. Another new investigation in the shade of the coconut trees!

Author : Jean-Michel Payet

Illustrator : Mélanie Allag

8 and up

Serie: Les enquêtes de Scarlett et Watson

Collection: Milan cadet

Publication date:

Themes: adventurebeachinvestigation

Retail price: 5,70 €

N°EAN 9782745971425
Format 128 x 180 mm
Number of pages 40

Les enquêtes de Scarlett et Watson

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