Opération sauvetage, N° 05 : Mystère chez les empereurs

Couverture de « Mystère chez les empereurs »


With Lisa and Noe, fly off to rescue animals in danger!
Professor MacBrain is very worried: he has noticed that the emperor penguins are becoming fewer and fewer. Yet in the Antarctic where they live, it is much too cold for men to go and harm… Read more  them! So why are they disappearing? To solve this mystery, Noé and Lisa, who don’t frighten easily, jump into their shuttles and head for the ice-floe!

8 and up

Serie: Opération sauvetage

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Themes: animalsecologymetamorphosispenguins

Retail price: 5,30 €

N°EAN 9782747048330
Number of pages 128

Opération sauvetage

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