Moi, Félix, N° 01 : Moi, Félix, 10 ans, sans-papiers

Couverture de « Moi, Félix, 10 ans, sans-papiers »


10-year-old Felix, African and clandestine, arrives one day in Brest with his mother, brother and sister. He’s just sailed from Ivory Coast in the hold of an old cargo ship. A clandestine passenger. For Felix, a strange life of wandering and… Read more  running away – a long, hard obstacle course – begins.

Author : Marc Cantin

Illustrator : Mathieu Sapin

9 and up

Serie: Moi, Félix

Collection: Milan junior

Publication date:

Themes: immigrationsocietysolidarityundocumented migrants

Retail price: 5,90 €

N°EAN 9782745976772
Number of pages 144

Milan junior

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