Hubert Falabrak : L’impeccable rentrée d’Hubert Falabrak

Bayard Jeunesse
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The Falabrak family is a little bit crazy and off the wall. Except for their son Hubert, who is nothing like them. A tad obsessive, he hates mess and being late. So, when he realizes it’s the last day of summer vacation, and his family is enjoying… Read more  a midnight swim 800km away from school, Hubert starts to panic. Quick, quick! Time to pack up the tents, blankets and barbecue, and head straight to school! After a few stops along the way, and some last-minute shopping for smart clothes, Hubert makes it just in time. Phew!

Author : Gwénaëlle BOULET


8 and up

Serie: Hubert Falabrak

Collection: Hop ! Les romans à bulles

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Themes: back to schoolholidayshumour

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N°EAN 9791036315701
Format 160 x 202 mm
Number of pages 48

Hubert Falabrak

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