Dofus, Vous êtes maître du récit : Les ventes d’émeraude

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Once upon a time there was … a young adventurer who dreamed of finding the six Dofus, six dragon eggs that everyone is hunting for. You are that adventurer.
When you have finished your initiation, you get ready to join the ranks of the… Read more  Kerubims, the celestial militia. Your first mission is to patrol the island of Incarnam. Nothing could be easier, even for a new recruit. But there are some indications that things aren’t going as smoothly as planned …
One dark and stormy night, you’ll meet someone – and that meeting will change your life.
Can dream become reality?

Author : Halden

10 and up

Serie: Dofus, Vous êtes maître du récit

Collection: Dofus

Publication date:

Themes: adventurehumour

Retail price: 12,50 €

N°EAN 9782747046152
Number of pages 400

Dofus, Vous êtes maître du récit

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