C'est la vie Lulu, N° 22 : Les infos me font peur

Couverture de « Les infos me font peur »


When Lulu arrives at school, she finds all her friends in excited discussion: a volcano is threatening to erupt in Italy! Lulu is worried, because her sister will be going there on a school trip… She tries not to think about it, but it’s the top… Read more  story on all the media. Then all the catastrophes one after the other: pollution, unemployment, wars… What’s the point in watching the news if all they have to tell us is bad stuff?


Illustrator : MARYLISE MOREL

8 and up

Serie: C'est la vie Lulu

Publication date:

Themes: natural catastrophesnewsnightmaretélévision

Retail price: 5,30 €

N°EAN 9782747071826
Format 123 x 178 mm
Number of pages 48

C'est la vie Lulu

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