Les enquêtes de Scarlett et Watson, TOME 01 : Le trésor de M. Ziane

Couverture de « Le trésor de M. Ziane »


When Scarlett goes to buy some eggs from Mr. Ziane’s grocer shop, she discovers that his book has disappeared! The grocer’s precious volume has been taken by one of his three friends. But which one? With Watson and Bao, she sets off to find the… Read more  culprit. She decides to search all her neighbours’ houses… but she draws a blank. Back at the grocer’s, there’s a surprise: all Mr. Ziane’s friends have come and given him a present: his old book looks brand new again, with new binding, just beautiful!

Author : Jean-Michel Payet

Illustrator : Mélanie Allag

7 and up

Serie: Les enquêtes de Scarlett et Watson

Collection: Milan cadet

Publication date:

Themes: investigation

Retail price: 5,70 €

N°EAN 9782745956385
Number of pages 40

Les enquêtes de Scarlett et Watson

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