Wakfu, TOME 09 : Le spectre aux doigts d’or

Couverture de « Le spectre aux doigts d’or »


As they’re sailing the ocean wave, our friends notice flashes coming from an unknown island, so they decide to explore the place, despite Amalia and Evangelyne’s reluctance. Once there, they discover some very strange gold statues: the animals… Read more  they depict seem to have been petrified on the spot.
The crew settle down for the night, when suddenly they are awoken by a cry from Amalia. She, too, has been transformed into a statue! The rest of the group go on to suffer the same fate… and Ruel ends up with the task of having to save his friends on his own, as well as confronting a mysterious ghost with gold fingers.

Author : Christophe Lambert

Illustrator : ELEN LE TANNOU

7 and up

Serie: Wakfu

Publication date:

Themes: adventurefantasticfriendship

Retail price: 6,90 €

N°EAN 9782747047272
Format 123 x 178 mm
Number of pages 112


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