Le sourire de Marie-Adélaïde

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Versailles, May 1703. At 17, Marie-Adélaïde de Savoie has been married for 5 years to the Duke of Bourgogne, grandson of Louis XIV. Bored with her husband – too dull for her taste – she manages to keep herself amused. But deep down, the young… Read more  girl isn’t as superficial as she seems. Often in the company of Louis XIV and Mme de Maintenon, she listens to their conversations, she hears secrets, she looks at the papers and maps spread out on the king’s desk … Then, with the complicity of Charlotte, her lady’s maid, Marie-Adélaïde manages to escape the king’s police surveillance to transmit information to her father, who is an ally of France’s enemies. Brought up to hate the king, Marie-Adélaïde has one aim: to avenge her homeland, Savoie, where Protestants were massacred by order of Louis XIV when she was just a child. Moreover, she will do her utmost to thwart the lineage of the Kings of France. One day, she meets the Marquis de Nangis, a handsome and brilliant soldier covered in medals, and she falls hopelessly in love… On February 15, 1710, she gives birth to her third son, the future Louis XV. But rumours are spreading like wildfire through the city. To avoid a scandal, Nangis is ordered to get married as soon as possible to a young noblewoman, then sent into battle. Could Marie-Adélaïde have succeeded in obtaining her vengeance?

Author : Annie PIETRI

Illustrator : Nathalie NOVI

10 and up

Collection: Littérature 12 ans et +

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Themes: destinyloveplotVersailles

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N°EAN 9782747039192
Format 200 x 135 mm
Number of pages 342

Littérature 12 ans et +

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