Le roi Arthur

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Since the death of the King Uther Pendragon, Great Britain has been in the grip of rivalries and violence. Merlin the magician wants to restore unity to the land: « He who succeeds in pulling the sword from the stone will be the new king. » All… Read more  the great lords on the island try, but none of them manage to release the magic sword, which is called Excalibur. Only Arthur, Uther’s hidden son, succeeds. Merlin immediately announces the coronation of Arthur… but in the shadows, the barons are already plotting against their new king.

Author : Claude MERLE

10 and up

Collection: Héros de légende

Publication date:

Themes: heroknighthoodordealsquest

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N°EAN 9782747039178
Number of pages 240

Héros de légende

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