Les dragons de Nalsara, N° 19 : Le pouvoir de la ténébreuse

Couverture de « Le pouvoir de la ténébreuse »


The second-last episode of a fantastic adventure!
The dragons and the elusims have managed to get the diamond that was the strige’s heart, and they entrusted it to Nyne. The little girl doesn’t know what she should do with it, even if she… Read more  suspects it plays a role in the war against the Addraks… Who should she give it to? Her brother? Her mother? Finally Nyne persuades her father to leave the Isle of Dragons and go to the Territory of the Addraks!

Author : Marie-Hélène Delval

Illustrator : Alban Marilleau

Translated by : Marie-Hélène Delval

8 and up

Serie: Les dragons de Nalsara

Publication date:

Themes: dragonsmagicwar

Retail price: 6,50 €

N°EAN 9782747049801
Number of pages 160

Les dragons de Nalsara

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