Le mystère Napoléon, N°

Bayard Jeunesse
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A victory for General Bertrand who was by Napoleon’s side during the final days of his life, a prisoner on the Island of St. Helena.
All those who accompanied the Emperor in his exile are invited to participate in the return expedition,… Read more  including Arthur, the general’s own son, who was born on this piece of rock during the Emperor’s captivity. He follows his father, investigating the mysterious circumstances surrounding Napoleon’s death. His childhood memories become confused with the legend, and despite having been raised in awe of past imperial glory, he now finds he must acknowledge the doubts and rumours… Was Napoleon assassinated? Is the body they’ve come to fetch really his?

Author : Sophie Lamoureux

10 and up

Collection: Les grandes énigmes de l'Histoire

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Themes: fantasticmonster

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N°EAN 9782747063555
Number of pages 96

Les grandes énigmes de l'Histoire

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