Le mystère Louis XVII, N°

Bayard Jeunesse
Couverture de « Le mystère Louis XVII »


Augustin, who’s training to be a lawyer, is given the task of making copies of a claim by a certain Karl-Wilhelm Naundorff, who insists he is Louis XVII, the son of Louis XVI, the child who was supposed to have died in the Temple on the 8th of… Read more  June, 1795…
The story immediately captures Augustin’s imagination and, thanks to his connections, he contacts Naundorff, who agrees to tell him the story of his life, from his early years at Court to his arrest and imprisonment. He claims that his guardians, the Simon couple, helped him escape and substituted another child while a coach whisked him off to Berlin…
Augustin carries out his own investigation, meeting different people who’d known Louis XVII as a child, and becomes persuaded that Naundorf is telling the truth. But this « truth » isn’t to everyone’s liking, and his investigation becomes very dangerous…

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Collection: Les grandes énigmes de l'Histoire

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Les grandes énigmes de l'Histoire

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