Le mystère de l’Atlantide

Bayard Jeunesse
Couverture de « Le mystère de l’Atlantide »


It all begins in Peru, where many people have sought the cradle of Atlantis…
Margaux and her father, an underwater archaeologist, plunge into an Andean lake to search for clues of the presence of Atlantis. But they are surprised by Indians… Read more  who take them for treasure hunters and threaten to kill them. That’s when the young girl recounts the legend of Atlantis, the submerged civilisation. Enchanted by the story, their chief offers to take them to a place where they may be able to find vestiges of what they seek.
They pass through the jungle and reach a grotto, where ancient Incas kept their dead. They think they have found zombies, but they are in fact mummies. Exploring the cave, the archaeologist and his daughter come across some Nazis, who have also come to find Atlantis in South America. Father and daughter run for their lives…
From Peru to Crete, via New York, their adventure is rich in discovery and fraught with danger …


10 and up

Collection: Les grandes énigmes de l'Histoire

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Themes: fantasticmysteriesmyths and great characters in literature

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Number of pages 96

Les grandes énigmes de l'Histoire

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