Le mystère de la nuit des pierres

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His name means ‘nothing’. Abandoned by his mother, for many years Netra thinks he’s the son of the dog that saved his life. At the age of ten, he’s taken in by Neposus, an old magician who lives in an isolated spot, a valley covered in mist.… Read more  There, Netra leads a quiet life until one day the magician is obliged to give him a dangerous mission: he has to find and bring back Antaerus, a precious spell book, before the wizard Falcosi gets his hands on it. Netra must go down from the mountain and wander through Brittany, through lands haunted by korrigans, wolf leaders and fairies…
A magnificent novel of initiation, set in the heart of magical, fascinating Brittany.

10 and up

Collection: Littérature 10 ans et +

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Themes: Brittanylegendmagicquest

Retail price: 13,90 €

N°EAN 9782747062022
Number of pages 250

Littérature 10 ans et +

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