Le monstre du Loch Ness

Bayard Jeunesse
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11-year-old Lisa and her brother Tom, 13, half-French half Scottish, live in Inverness, a town situated at the mouth of the River Ness in the north-east of Scotland. They often visit their grandfather who lives in Drumnadrochit, a village near Loch… Read more  Ness. The old man is a nature lover, passionately interested in animals (especially those superb long-haired Scottish cows!) and plants… and Nessie, his “nice little monster”. With Lisa and Tom, he often organises exhibitions on his boat which is equipped with sophisticated gadgets (sonar detectors, underwater cameras…) to sound the depths, look for signs or proof of Nessie’s existence. In vain. The last time they explored one of the bays around the loch, overlooked by the famous Urquhart castle, all they found were empty soda cans.
One fine August morning, as a crowd of tourists begins to form around the lake, like every other year, and the local museum – devoted to the type of marine reptile Nessie is said to belong to – fills up, the news is released: on the Isle of Skye, researchers have found the fossil of a marine reptile over 4 metres long, dating from the Jurassic era. One of Nessie’s ancestors? Lisa, Tom and their grandfather will lead the investigation…

Illustrator : Nancy PENA

10 and up

Collection: Les grandes énigmes de l'Histoire

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Les grandes énigmes de l'Histoire

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