L'école de P.A.N., N° 01 : Le monstre de l’île

Couverture de « Le monstre de l’île »


Everyday life isn’t easy when you have super-powers! That’s why Felix is going to school on the Isle of Pan, a special school for special youngsters like him. As soon as he arrives, he gets embroiled in a shady business and sets off with Bilal,… Read more  his flatmate, to search for Aglaë who has disappeared mysteriously…

Author : Maëlle Fierpied

Illustrator : Yomgui Dumont

8 and up

Serie: L'école de P.A.N.

Collection: Milan cadet

Publication date:

Themes: disappearancesfriendshiplearningsuper heroes

Retail price: 5,70 €

N°EAN 9782745960559
Number of pages 40

Milan cadet

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