Les roses de Trianon, TOME 05 : Le médaillon d’argent

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Roselys now lives at Versailles. In spite of the stuffy atmosphere of the Court and its rigid etiquette, the girl leads a pleasant life with the queen’s friends. She sings for Marie-Antoinette, who entrusts her with secret missions. One morning… Read more  when she is in town, Roselys witnesses a serious accident: the victim, who is dying, gives her a silver medallion as he mutters a few enigmatic words: ‘key… white…’. When she gets back to her room, she opens the medallion and finds miniature portraits of a couple who seem strangely familiar. Roselys and her beloved Valsens decide to investigate…

Author : Annie JAY

10 and up

Serie: Les roses de Trianon

Publication date:

Themes: investigationkings and sovereignsVersailles

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N°EAN 9782747058384
Format 135 x 200 mm
Number of pages 304

Les roses de Trianon

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