Les dragons de Nalsara, N° 16 : Le dragonnier maudit

Couverture de « Le dragonnier maudit »


The sun has not yet risen. An evil darkness hovers over the kingdom of Ombrune. Darkat, the Addrak wizard, is celebrating the birth of his creature, the Schrik. With an ally like this, the powers of the Addrak destroyer will be limitless. Yet… Read more  resistance is beginning to take shape: the Nalsara dragon-keepers are traversing the country, warning the population. Will that suffice? For at that very moment, the Schrik and his accursed Dragon-keeper are heading for Talmir, a border town, with the aim of reducing it to ashes…

Author : Marie-Hélène Delval

Illustrator : Alban Marilleau

Translated by : Marie-Hélène Delval

8 and up

Serie: Les dragons de Nalsara

Publication date:

Themes: dragonsfamilymagicwar

Retail price: 6,50 €

N°EAN 9782747044226
Number of pages 160

Les dragons de Nalsara

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