Opération sauvetage, N° 08 : Le chant des baleines

Couverture de « Le chant des baleines »


With Lisa and Noe, fly off to rescue animals in danger!
Pretending to study humpback whales, a Japanese ship has docked on the edge of the Antarctic. The truth is they have a quite different mission: to hunt the huge cetaceans to sell their… Read more  meat! They must put a stop to it! Professor MacBrain sends the Bionautes to the South Pole… The whalers will be shaking in their shoes when they get a taste of Lisa and Noé’s fury!

Author : Jean-Marie Defossez

Illustrator : DIANE LE FEYER

9 and up

Serie: Opération sauvetage

Publication date:

Themes: animalsecologymetamorphosiswhale

Retail price: 5,30 €

N°EAN 9782747053105
Number of pages 128

Opération sauvetage

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