Dofus, Vous êtes maître du récit : La pyramide ocre

Couverture de « La pyramide ocre »


You already have three Dofus in your possession. The fourth elementary egg is in the hands of the alchemist Otomai, and he is willing to entrust it to you. But to deserve this honour, you will have to accomplish a task.
There are other plans of… Read more  existence throughout the immensity of the Krosmoz. At the heart of the Ether, the dimension where energies reach equilibrium, a storm is brewing. It may rage through the entire universe … Unless someone prevents it.
In the depths of an ancient pyramid, a primordial force awaits its hour to strike. It may prove to be the most remarkable adversary you have ever faced.
Enter into the eye of the cyclone! Show you are worthy of the Ochre Dofus!

10 and up

Serie: Dofus, Vous êtes maître du récit

Collection: Dofus

Publication date:

Themes: adventurefantastic

Retail price: 13,50 €

N°EAN 9782747046183
Format 135 x 200 mm
Number of pages 432

Dofus, Vous êtes maître du récit

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