Les dragons de Nalsara, N° 05 : La bête des profondeurs

Couverture de « La bête des profondeurs »


One day Selka, comes to see the children with alarming news: a monster, now sleeping at the bottom of the ocean, is about to wake up. When he breathes, his puff will cause a huge tidal wave which will destroy the Dragon Island. Cham and Nyne have… Read more  the ability to prevent the catastrophe. But how?

Author : Marie-Hélène Delval

Illustrator : Alban Marilleau

Translated by : Marie-Hélène Delval

8 and up

Serie: Les dragons de Nalsara

Publication date:

Themes: magicmysteries

Retail price: 5,30 €

N°EAN 9782747028028
Number of pages 96

Les dragons de Nalsara

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