Joyeux Noëëël !

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The Quinzebille family is made up of two parents, four children, two cats and one dog. Just like any normal family! Except for one little detail. The Quinzebilles are all… completely crazy! So, when they get snowed into their super uptight… Read more  grandparents’ mansion, with no electricity, anything could happen…
Afterall, their grandparents don’t know how to do anything themselves, even when they have electricity and hot water. Which makes sense when you have housekeepers taking care of everything for you. They also don’t like animals. And they’re not sure they particularly like children either…
But cut off from the world, in the dark and the cold, the Quinzebilles use their limitless inventiveness to make the best of the situation, and discover that they are one big family… with more in common than they thought.
A story followed by the titles « À taaable ! » and « Bienvenidaaa ! », that have already been published.


Illustrator : Laurent Simon

8 and up

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Themes: Christmasfamilyhumour

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Format 135 x 185 mm
Number of pages 232