C'est la vie Lulu, N° 35 : Je veux jouer sur Internet

Couverture de « Je veux jouer sur Internet »


Elodie can’t stop talking about the Internet site Heygirls, she has a great time dressing models, inventing their lives and chatting with her pals on-line. But Lulu isn’t allowed to, because her parents think this site it totally unintersting.… Read more  Lulu feels sickened: she never gets to do what all the other girls are doing! Helped by Vanessa, her big sister, Lulu disobeys her parents…

Author : Mélanie Edwards

Illustrator : MARYLISE MOREL

8 and up

Serie: C'est la vie Lulu

Publication date:

Themes: familyfriendshipInternetlies

Retail price: 5,30 €

N°EAN 9782747062046
Number of pages 48

C'est la vie Lulu

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