C'est la vie Lulu, N° 29 : Je vais à l’hôpital

Couverture de « Je vais à l’hôpital »


One morning, Lulu has such a sore tummy that she’s obliged to leave school. Her mum comes to get her at the nurse’s office and takes her to the emergency service. Lulu has to stay in hospital; she has appendicitis. She finds it all very… Read more  impressive, but she hardly has time to worry or listen to explanations about the operation before they put her to sleep! The next morning, Lulu wakes up and her parents are there, her sister Vanessa and her best friend Elodie. What a relief! Now she’s going to enjoy being pampered!

Author : Mélanie Edwards

Illustrator : MARYLISE MOREL

7 and up

Serie: C'est la vie Lulu

Publication date:

Themes: familyhospital

Retail price: 5,90 €

N°EAN 9782747040204
Number of pages 48

C'est la vie Lulu

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