C'est la vie Lulu, N° 30 : Je suis trop bavarde

Couverture de « Je suis trop bavarde »


At home or at school, Lulu always has a lot to say – to the point where she doesn’t always take time to listen. Moreover, she talks so much that concentration in class is difficult. Her parents, then the teacher, have warned her, but Lulu likes… Read more  chatting more than anything. Until one day she realizes that she’s the one no one’s listening to…

Author : Mélanie Edwards

Illustrator : MARYLISE MOREL

7 and up

Serie: C'est la vie Lulu

Publication date:

Themes: familyliesschool

Retail price: 5,90 €

N°EAN 9782747049337
Number of pages 48

C'est la vie Lulu

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