Hanako fille du Soleil levant

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This is too much: having a name like Hanako (« flower child » in Japanese) is bad enough, but having to go to ikebana lessons to please her father… Especially when the end of year show is coming up and Chloé and Adam, her best friends, have… Read more  disappeared. What’s worse – that mysterious box in her parents’ room is irresistibly drawing her attention. Hanako has made up her mind to sweep away all family secrets but she could never guess that what she is about to discover will change her life forever.

Author : Élodie Loch-Béatrix

Illustrator : Gloria Pizzilli

10 and up

Collection: Milan junior

Publication date:

Themes: adoptionfriendshiplovesecondary school

Retail price: 6,70 €

N°EAN 9782745961310
Number of pages 128

Milan junior

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