Fuji-Fuji, N° 02 : Fuji-Fuji et le château enchanté

Couverture de « Fuji-Fuji et le château enchanté »


Jeanpi is incredibly lucky:
his imaginary friend is a brave and mischievous little blue dragon.
Jeanpi has to get a vaccine, but – ouch! – he’s terrified of jabs. So, to escape the needle, he asks Fuji-Fuji to come and rescue him,… Read more  jumps on his friend’s back – and off they fly! They travel so far that they end up travelling back through time… and come to land near a magnificent enchanted castle that looks like something out of a fairy story…

7 and up

Serie: Fuji-Fuji

Collection: J'aime lire

Publication date:

Themes: castlesdragonsfriendshipprinces and princesses

Retail price: 5,30 €

N°EAN 9782747040266
Format 123 x 178 mm
Number of pages 48

J'aime lire

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