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The ideal beginner’s guide for all the youngsters who want to be initiated into the fabulous Universe of Dofus. In 3 chapters, the guide covers the three eras that make up the Universe of Krozmoz: the Primitive Age, the Age of the Dofus and the… Read more  Era of Wakfu.
The narrator is Magus Ax, a wise man and a specialist of ancestral voyages.
Visually exciting with a decidedly humorous slant, this guide offers quizzes and games to test your knowledge, anecdotes, comic strips illustrating events in the Universe, famous characters’ testimonies, unpublished documents and a timeline marking all the important happenings.
There’s an index at the end with references to books that treat each theme or character in the Universe.

10 and up

Collection: Dofus

Publication date:

Themes: Fancyhumour

Retail price: 13,90 €

N°EAN 9782747058797
Format 167 x 205 mm
Number of pages 152


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