Deux familles pour Lulu

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Lulu dreams of finding the ideal foster family!
“The sky is green, and I hate green! It looks like that stomach-turning broccoli soup Mrs. Grandet makes. So you see, today’s just got to be a bad day! A woman opens the door, and my two eyes… Read more  aren’t enough to take her in – 100 kilos!”
When Lulu, a ten-year-old boy, discovers his new foster family, he’s shattered! Their flat stinks of cabbage and the deco is horrific! Lulu’s already making plans to cut loose. Nobody can say he’s lucky. For years, he’s been shunted around from family to family, because his mother was too young to look after him. Yet as the days go by, Lulu, who was so wary at first, gives in to the kindness and warmth of Mrs. Fournier (and finally, even if she is fat, she’s not all that ugly!), the best cook ever, and her husband, Jo-Jo, is a lorry driver. Into the bargain, Lulu gets on really well with the other kids that live with dame Fournier, and fits into school no bother. Until one day, a Sunday, when his mother comes to visit him, introduces him to Joseph, her new boyfriend, and announces that they’re all going to live together.

Author : Agnès LACOR

10 and up

Collection: Littérature 10 ans et +

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Themes: abandondaily lifethe search for happiness

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N°EAN 9782747047722
Format 135 x 190 mm
Number of pages 144

Littérature 10 ans et +

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